English Language Lovers

This book is for those who enjoy honing their skills in English communication, teaching, or learning amid a continually changing world. 


Table of Contents


1          Introduction

2          Beloved Learners

3          Awesome Teachers

4          Learning and Teaching – Two sides of the same coin

5          Ideas for Teachers from Adult Learners

6          Down-to-earth CEFR English levels

7          Anecdotes and Jokes

8          A Collection of Language Mishaps

9          Not Business English and No Exam, Please

10        They Mean the Same Thing, Don’t They?

11        Room for Improvement

12        Controversial Issues                                              

13        It is not cut and dried: UK & US English, Native and Non-native Speakers                

14        Writing Emails                                                                                                       

Afterword: It Takes Two to Tango!                                                                              

References and Resources for English Language Teachers, Learners and Users of the English Language

About The Author   


“Our language is funny – a ‘fat chance’ and a ‘slim chance’ are the same thing”. ‒ J. Gustav White (American YMCA secretary, 1881-1979)

 “England and America are two countries separated by a common language”. – George Bernard Shaw (Irish playwright and political activist, 1856-1950)

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