Fiction – Future Perfect

Sally is 51 years old enjoying a pleasant environment in England yet struggles to understand her mysterious existence and deal with her rapidly changing life. Every person she meets is extraordinarily nice to her. Anna has offered her a free accommodation, and the State gives her a monthly stipend. She has many theories; one of which is that she’s being groomed to be an organ donour, and wonders if she’s paranoid or intelligently suspicious.

Everyone she encounters tells her that everything is fine with the present and that she should forget the past. Sacha, Anna’s friend, is the ever present challenger to her desire to understand her past. Most of the time, he’s sarcastic towards her, but there are moments when he stirs her existence; for instance, he arranges candle-lit dinner and intimate rendezvous for her.

Sally dreams of strange people and places that cloud her reasons and sentiments every now and then. Her gut instinct tells her she has family and relatives somewhere, which is not shared by those around her. Amid uncertainty and confusion, she struggles to know the truth. The library is her second home, net surfing is her past time, eavesdropping is her passion, and driving around is a wearisome necessity. She faces bravely sorrows and joys of acquaintances and friends.

Has Sally’s past been erased by a mistaken computer click, or shelved for political or economic reason? To stay sane, she must be patient and trusting at a time when complexity is a norm and friends’ loyalty is rare. Her subtle resilience leads to travels in Asia, Europe, and America.

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