The Whisper of Regrets

This novel is inspired by true-life stories of my fellow bus passengers, acquaintances, colleague.

He married her but could not remember proposing; it just happened. They experienced the blissful excitement of falling in love and being protective parents to Grace and Mike. After 15 years, however, Adele can only see better times. They have changed over the years, and so has the nature of their relationship. They do not hold hands in public anymore, and their stylish mobile phones are not left unattended.

Grace’s avalanche of exquisite and nagging pain caused by Laurent continues into adulthood, which is only lessened by the enchanting appearance in her life of a caring and understanding lover.

Mike is frantic about his parents’ text messages and worries of an imminent full-blown drama. Is he wading through this jeopardy unscratched?

Anne is the best fabric that keeps Adele warm and sane.

They become flustered upon knowing the hovering of the significant other, whose messy and ignominious demise is in everyone’s mind. Who is the unwitting culprit?

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