The Whisper of Regrets

This novel is inspired by true-life stories of my fellow bus passengers, acquaintances, and colleague.

He married her but could not remember proposing; it just happened. They experienced the blissful excitement of falling in love and being protective parents to Grace and Mike. After 15 years, however, Adele can only see better times. They have changed over the years, and so has the nature of their relationship. They do not hold hands in public anymore, and their stylish mobile phones are not left unattended.

Grace’s avalanche of exquisite and nagging pain caused by Laurent continues into adulthood, which is only lessened by the enchanting appearance in her life of a caring and understanding lover.

Mike is frantic about his parents’ text messages and worries of an imminent full-blown drama. Is he wading through this jeopardy unscratched?

Anne is the best fabric that keeps Adele warm and sane.

They become flustered upon knowing the hovering of the significant other, whose messy and ignominious demise is in everyone’s mind. Who is the unwitting culprit?

Author Spotlight- Interview with Rolade Berthier, PhD, and her book- The Whisper of Regrets

Tell us about yourself and how we can connect with you.

I live in France and am a freelance English language teacher in Luxembourg.  I have worked in Asia, Australia, and Europe for universities, research institutions, government departments, and non-profit organizations. 

My Doctor of Philosophy (Sociology) from The University of Queensland, Australia, was on Asian Immigration and the Criminal Justice System. I have a French Language Certificate from Sorbonne University in Paris and am currently learning Spanish.

I get a lot of pleasure writing fiction manuscripts (e.g. “Future Perfect” and “The Whisper of Regrets”) and non-fiction books (e.g. “Journey to the World of Public Service Employment,” “Cross-Cultural Liaison: An Inconvenient Love”, “Intelligence, Giftedness: Pre-cradle to Post-grave”, and “A Guide for Everyday Writing”). My fiction manuscripts are based on true stories.

I enjoy listening, reading and storytelling.  Here’s my website

What would you like to promote? 

My latest novel, “The Whisper of Regrets.”

What inspires your writing?

 People’s life experiences

What is your favourite movie that was based on a book? 

The Mission (The story was taken from the book The Lost Cities of Paraguay by Father C. J. McNaspy, S.J., the film consultant.)

What is your favourite thing about being a blogger, writer, or author? 

I have the freedom to choose the words and decide what and how I share my experiences and thoughts with others.

How do you come up with plots or characters for your book? 

Once I’ve decided on a story, plots take their course, and the characters mirror those I have seen or meet professionally, socially and personally.

What do you like to do for fun? 

I play chess online while watching a movie in Spanish and doing aerobics.

What helps you to stay motivated and keep writing? 

Readers’ feedback: “I read The Whisper of Regrets in two days”; “It’s the first novel in English that I read, and only in one week”; “I bought it because you’re my teacher and never imagined I’d finish reading it”. 

This review was posted on Amazon’s Kindle: “The novel plunges us right into the intimacy of Laurent, Adele and their two children. Witnessing their marital issues is awkward, not only because it is personal but also because it is clear something is rotten, and tragedy is just around the corner. This psychological novel is written in a gripping and clear style. The characters sound real and ordinary. Therefore, you can easily identify with them and feel for them while reflecting on your own life. I recommend this book if you like suspense, dialogues and description of daily life. – Marie-Pierre (3rd Finalist French Short Story Contest).

What projects are you working on right now? 

Non-fiction “It Takes Two to Tango: A teacher’s experiences before and during the pandemic” – For teachers, trainers, learners, and users of the English Language

Thank you Rolade, for this lovely interview!

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