Monthly Archives: September 2023

Time flies, and memories stay

“Time flies” is a “based-on-a-true story” metaphor. Three months ago, I was so excited about visiting countries in three continents. My suitcase was ready three weeks before departure. I hummed and danced while boxing up little presents for my family and friends Down Under. Today, I’m back in France; where have the days gone? 

July and August have vanished, but memories stay. Memories often enrich our lives and help us through difficult times. They help us better understand ourselves and the world we live in. Reflecting on these memories, we are reminded of what we treasure and then adjust our current and future choices. 

There is a link between memory and emotion; e.g. focusing on positive aspects creates more healthy brain functioning and wellbeing. In other words, memories provide a sense of purpose, continuity and stability, helping us face hiccups at home and work.

Memories are not all positive. Negative ones can be disturbing. What do you do when a bad memory pops up? I go for a walk or do physical activities, socialise with family and friends, and accept that the past can’t be changed (instead, think of a silver lining). 

I thank all our relatives and friends for their kindness to us during our summer holiday. They went the extra mile to spend time with us amidst their hectic schedules and our short notice. One of them Facebooked me after our get together: “The Beauty about True Friendship is no matter the distance or how long it has been since seeing each other, you can pickup where you left off “.

“Humans, not places, make memories.” – Ama Ata Aidoo (